Christmas Sales, New Gaiwan and New Shop

Christmas Sales, New Gaiwan and New Shop
October 8, 2014 Tea Hong
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Christmas Sales, New Gaiwan and New Shop

Dear Customer,

I am very happy to tell you that the re-engineered has been running since beginning of this month and things have been smooth. Indeed, many customers, new and returning ones, have already placed orders since we re-opened the shop two weeks ago.

The shop may look only a little different, but many changes have been installed “under the hood”. Here are a few things that I hope would answer some of what you have been asking for:

Change of address on the fly

Now you can change between delivery addresses while checking out and the shipping fees will immediately reflect that. You can add, delete and amend details of addresses without issues.

More options in selecting the tea that you want

Besides all the existing tea category, taste and TCM characters in product categories, you can now select products basing on the tea region, price and the quality class. Other than two main navigation menus, you can now sort products basing on the various criteria at different product category pages.

Shop anywhere

Although we have been a little behind in this trend, is now both desktop and mobile! You can login and browse using your phone, tablet, as well as in your computer!

Create wish lists!

Whether you are planning for the next tea party, gift for a special someone or for your own tea exploration, you can create a separate wish list for a specific purpose and add products to it. Simply login, click the wish list button — that one with the heart symbol — and start your plan. Log in now to create wish list >

More features are being made. New products are waiting to be launched. Pop in to check out what’s going on!

Did I say Christmas Sales is already on? And we have added another very nice gaiwan in the long-awaited tea ware stock. It even comes in pairs and have two different designs.

Enjoy the new shop and please do let us know your comments and if you find glitches!


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