February Blessings

February Blessings
October 8, 2014 Tea Hong

February Blessings


February is an amazing month.

Winter seems to be as severe as ever, and yet we all know the cycle of Nature will deliver Spring in just a few weeks. A month or two shall we all endure for the greens of the field and the flowers that sparkle the country. The wait through for the vibrancy of Life to shower on us again.

Human have made going through February nicer by touching the hearts of those we care on Valentine’s Day. We wake our energy with the gongs and lion dances in Chinese New Year. Or join the Italians to dress up extravagantly in Carnevale Venezia for the grand masquerade party. Or stuff our tummies with hearty food like Russians do during Maslenitsa…

At Tea Hong, we stay modest. We feel blessed to have many cups of fragrant hot tea to take us through. It is this blessing that I want to share with you:

$20 Coupon for use in any transaction

From now on till March 7 2016, we shall deposit in your account a 20 USD coupon for any single purchase that amounts to US$130*.

Tea for One Giveaways

And a free Tea-for-one

On top of the coupon, we shall put in your order a free Tea-for-one, and pay for the shipping fee increase for that heavy little piece of tea-ware.

That’s right, Tea-for-one, that much demanded all-in-one tea ware. We have asked a few workshops for designs and the first experimental lot of three designs are now ready to give-away.

Simply write down the name of the design that you want when you place your order and we’ll put it in the shipment for you.

However, the lot is experimental so the quantity is small. All requests will be handled on a first come first serve basis. When we are out of stock for the design you specified, we shall send you the next available one. If you have a second choice, specify that as well.

This offer is good as stock lasts

Tea-for-one Duanni Double wall Tea-for-one Half Celadon Tea-for-one Zisha Double Wall
Classic White 150 Gaiwan is now available also in bone china Tieguanyin sales

Homage to Guanyin: Tieguanyin oolongs for as low as 25% off

In the Chinese tradition, people with vernacular Daoist belief pay tribute to Guanyin ( a local manifestation of the Buddhist Avalokiteśvara ) in Chinese New Year, amongst all other deities. It so happens that the name of a line of Minnan oolongs is also adapted from the same name — tie-guanyin. We have taken the opportunity to cut the price for that line of tea during this festive occasion. Some products can be as low as 25% off!

Bone china version for Classic White 150

The very useful, classic looking, firm and thin brim Classic White Utility Gaiwan 150 gets a bone china version. And at the same super value: US$7. Stock up now before we are sold out on this one. It looks like new lots cannot be offered at such low price anymore.

Happy Valentines Day and a Prosperous Year of the Monkey!



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Leo Kwan

February 2, 2016

* Exclusive of shipping fees and available upon confirmation of payment