Free Shipping, New Pack Size, and a Happy Easter

Free Shipping, New Pack Size, and a Happy Easter
October 8, 2014 Tea Hong
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New pack sizes for Tea Hong leaf teas

Free Shipping, New Pack Size, and a
Revitalising Easter Holiday

Easter means quite differently to different people but it surely is a time when new life turns meadows to green, young leaves to cover branches and birds to get busy early. I hope this Easter will be of value to you.

I am excited to tell you that some of our new green teas are sitting in the storage to rest off the finishing fire before packing. They will be ready for you in a couple of weeks.

The new shop design I have told you earlier has been tested for functionalities and being styled now. The features and designs that some of you have requested will be incorporated in it. I am hoping to finish its transfer to a new and faster facility in a month. The new shop will be easier to use on your mobile devices or desktop computers. I hope you will like it even better than the existing one.

Before all these happen, I have other good news for you:

Free international air shipping for your order

From now till April 30, we shall ship your order for free by air*. That is when a ticket is over 200 USD. Now is a great opportunity to get the teas that you have always wanted.

New pack size

To answer the request some of you have made, we have been planning to provide more than one pack size per tea selection. The most difficult part is harmonising the inventory so there will not be over-orders. Before we can launch it throughout the shop, I’d like to let you select from a few popular varieties that we feel more comfortable to offer the option.

With the new larger pack size, each gram of your tea will be at even better value. Much better. Check out their prices at the product page of each of the teas.

Here is the list of teas that you can buy at the new optional pack size. The existing pack size is still available:

New optional pack size#

White Peony Classic Floral
65g for $13.9, you save 39%
Silver Needle Supreme
80g for $34.7, you save 14%
Big White Leaf
100g for $31.1, you save 20%
Black Leaf Special
100g for $34.8, you save 24%
Honey Orchid Supreme
100g for $71.3, you save 16%
Organic Paochong
100g for $16.7, you save 24%
Imperial Golden Tip
110g for $22.3, you save 20%
Menghai Spring
110g for $16.8, you save 21%

Click on the links to check them out for yourself. Let us know if you have any comments or questions. Happy Easter!

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Leo Kwan
April 3, 2015

* There is no change for delivery to addresses in Hong Kong. Free domestic postage for any one order of 300 HKD or over.

# All prices in USD. The percentage in savings is rounded up or down to the nearest digit. There were mistakes in discount pricing for the last three items in the letter that we have sent out to registered customers on April 3. We did not notice it until a very nice customer found out and gave us a head-up. The mistakes are corrected now in the catalogue and in this on-line version of the newsletter. Apologies for the confusion. Luckily this was remedied soon enough. Thank you Matthew!