Happy Chinese New Year (of the Sheep)

Happy Chinese New Year (of the Sheep)
October 8, 2014 Tea Hong
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Happy Chinese New Year
& a special coupon for you! 

Tieguanyin Classic Mellow 2005

Produced ten years ago, this batch of Minnan oolong had been stored away for nine years before it was rebaked in real low temperature but thoroughly and put away again for further maturity. This was the way collectors used to do it. We respect this tradition because when it is done properly, it renders a quality unmatched by its peers. Now I am confident to tell you Tieguanyin Classic Mellow 2005 is ready for your enjoyment.

We have also given this tea selection a larger pack size: 110 g in the Kraft alu pack. That is because we know it can easily turn into a daily tea so one pack can be good for a long time before you need to buy again.

This tea can magically attain different taste profiles through different infusion styles. I will talk more about this quality in the next letter.

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New gaiwans in 9 different designs have been stocked in our storage for over 50 days waiting for me to take photos and get ready to put on the shop for your selection. It has been me (again) that has been holding up the progress of things in Tea Hong. Please accept my apologies for the sold out signs for so many tea ware items for so long. This goes especially to those customers to whom we promised new stock so long ago. 

There are tea-for-one products too. Please give us a few more weeks to get them ready. Keep an eye open for the next newsletter update for this. As for Yixing teapots, I will have to make another trip for it.

Larger pack size

We have also promised many of you to offer options for larger pack sizes that are better for storage. We have not yet finalised on a way to manage stock properly to do that. However, we have been testing some software and have seen some promising direction of development. We are hoping to integrate this feature when we launch the re-constructed online shop.

Re-constructing TeaHong.com

That’s right, we are re-constructing our online shop so as to better serve you. One key feature in the new site will be adaptability in mobile devises. Another will be interactivity. The new shop will also offer a whole new line of tea selections. 

It will be at least a couple of months before it can be launched. Stay tuned for the good news and be generous enough to give your comments and ideas meanwhile so we can try as much as we can to incorporate them into the new site. Tell us now »

Lion dance

Happy Chinese New Year!

The first day of the Chinese New Year, which is calculated basing on the Lunar Almanac, will fall on February 19 this year. This will be the Year of the Sheep. We wish you Health, Happiness, and Prosperity, and of course a Mehhh-rry New Year Day! To celebrate, we are having a special sales and giving all registered customers a 15% discount coupon for all regular price products! Use it before end of February. 

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So here is how we say it on the first day of New Year: Kung Hei Fat Choi — Wishing You Prosperity!


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