Review us on Facebook, Get FREE Orchid Grātus — 20160423

Review us on Facebook, Get FREE Orchid Grātus — 20160423
October 8, 2014 Tea Hong

Review us on Facebook
Get FREE Orchid Grātus

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Dear Customer,

The 2015 harvest of Orchid Grātus is the best batch we ever have to offer for this variety. This $21.1/pack of Phoenix oolong can be yours for free! 

Review and share us on the newly set up Tea Hong Facebook page, and let us know by email in case your customer name is different from your Facebook name. That’s it! A pack of Orchid Grātus will be added to your next order for free. ( and a 10% discount voucher* too! )

Don’t forget to like us even if you don’t care to write a review. Tell your friends too. The more people know about us and buy from us, the easier it is for us to maintain a reasonable price and offer more exceptional quality for you!

If you do not use Facebook, add us in Google+. We have set up these two social accounts now to make it easier for you to get updates and with minimal intrusion. Please do share with us your thoughts and comments freely on either of these platforms.

VIP membership

VIP membership

We have taken the liberty of including some customers into our newly set up VIP membership.

VIP Benefits

  • No fees
  • 5% discount on anything — all pricing will display with this discount once you are logged in. This VIP discount is usable together with any other valid coupons and special offers
  • New tea preview samples
  • Members only sales
  • Exclusive product offers
  • Birthday gift**

Customers whose total spending exceeds USD 1,250 are automatically enrolled. We have also picked some who have written fantastic on-site reviews for us. In case you are in the list but you do not want to be enrolled, please let us know.

PayPal Instant payment

PayPal and credit cards

If you have placed an order in the past few days, you might have noticed that payment through the PayPal gateway got processed immediately. is now with SSL running TLS 1.2, the latest and highest level of internet security. That is why we are confident of the safety of data in our site and when connecting with PayPal for immediate payment processing. A little sign in the lower right corner of our page can be pressed to activate the checking by GlobalSign® to see the current status of security verification of the site, if this matters to you. What is left now to do in terms of payment would be how that payment processing giant is good enough to update their software to the ever so quickly evolving internet technology!

New teas!

Tea taster's mugs filled with different leaves

Tasting is fun when there are 20 teas a day. It is real work when hundreds of samples all arriving in the month of April. Nevertheless, it is great to taste old selections delivering same good quality and fresh delightful surprises, and varieties that we have never tasted before. 

If you missed our previous postings, an unusual cold front attacked our tea belt in southeastern China in March and things are a little delayed this year. However, things have been quite smooth after that. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that nothing strange is happening in May so our oolong regions can focus in yielding at their best quality.

So far, a few great samples have even been marked as our candidates for new selections to add to our product line. We are feeding things into our intake routines now and will roll out fresh teas and new regular products in the coming months. Stay tuned in.


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*Minimum order of $30 ( excluding shipping ). Not usable with other discounts. This offer ends June 30 ( HK time ) Voucher discount percentage display is based on USD. It may or may not display properly in your selected currency, but will calculate properly in the final invoice, regardless of the currency of your choice. 

**Birthday gift — Don’t forget to mark your birthday in your account details or we are unable to find a date to give this to you.