Unexpected Snow Fall Halted Longjing Harvest

Unexpected Snow Fall Halted Longjing Harvest
October 8, 2014 Tea Hong

Unexpected Snow Fall Halted Longjing Harvest

Snow fall on Longjing

Earlier this month, a sudden cold front attacked Zhejiang, our base for some of the green teas, including Longjing. Snow covered fields and fields of newly sprouting new tea buds in Hangzhou and all neighbouring tea areas. The new young leaves were wasted.

Plucking began in some areas on March 22, but they are not the best of this year’s harvest. Better quality will begin in a couple of days. If you are seeing offerings prior to this, it is a proof that the source is not from Hangzhou at all.

Our Longjing Spring Equinox and Longjing First Flush will arrive late. Please make sure your mailbox is taking in our newsletter for update.

Green teas in the east and southeastern part of China are a little delayed as well. 

Enjoy our oolongs and puers meanwhile, or select from some of our remaining stock of cold-kept green teas that is like fresh.


Leo Kwan