Teeth for Tea

Teeth for Tea
July 20, 2016 Tea Hong
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Teeth for tea?

No, you don’t need even a single cuspid to enjoy the brew; your olfactory and gustatory senses will do. However, for proper tea tasting, you may need a taster’s mug, or a number of them. The “teeth” on the mug, through which the infusion is decanted and the leaves kept inside, is one feature that a number of porcelain manufacturers have refused to make the specialised teaware. The item has been out-of-stock for some time.

It is only until now that we are able to produce one that satisfies the requirements for our own use, practically as well as aesthetically. As you know, we offer only those products that we are happy to use ourselves.

ISO 3103 standard for tea tasting

Our Standard Tea Taster’s Mug is back! Handmade in Dehua, Fujian, the origin of blanc de chine, to the ISO 3103 and British 6008 standard for tea tasting. And at the same old price that allows you to stock up a few for your next tea tasting session.

The capacity of the mug itself is 150 ml. You will need 3 grams of tealeaves for that size, according to the ISO. That is how we do our first round of screening for the hundreds of samples that come through our door each year. For more info about tasting, visit the Tea Guardian’s informative page: Tea Tasting: A Step by Step Guide 

Standard Taster’s Mug, Small