Anchoring the Elusive Iron Buddha

Anchoring the Elusive Iron Buddha
February 17, 2017 Leo Kwan
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Misrepresented Iron Buddha

An often misrepresented big name of Wuyi oolong — Tie [te-eh] Luohan — Iron Buddha, is one of the so-called Big Four Bushes of Wuyi .

In the earlier years of my tea career, I had visited many teashops to try to learn about the tea and in the hope to connect to a supplier. All I had encountered were mediocre qualities or actually something else misusing the label. Not many farmers have that cultivar in their fields. Those who do had not shown me convincing qualities. As you know, tea is not something you can force. One just have to be patient but persistent.

15 years search for genuine quality

15 years past. Last year we found it. Repeatedly tasted and properly rested, Iron Buddha Supreme is now ready to answer your quest for a great value, highest quality Wuyi “Rock Tea”. Deep yet not overly baked, warm yet floral, sweet yet spicy, smooth yet strong. This is one of our best Wuyi to offer, and a proud representation of the legendary label.

⊕ The so-called Four Famous Bushes are: Da Hong Pao ( Red Cloak ), Tie Luo Han ( Iron Buddha ), Shui Jin Gui ( Golden Turtle ), and Bai Ji Guan ( White Rooster Crest ). We used to carry the last one too, but discontinued it for the lack of demand and extremely high cost.

Iron Buddha Supreme Wuyi Oolong

Iron Buddha Supreme Wuyi Oolong

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