Red Jade

Fragrance of Taiwan

The Fragrance of Taiwan
February 21, 2017 Leo Kwan
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Red Jade: rare gem of a tea

For those who think Red Jade is just another marketing name, “Hong Yu” — properly transliterates as “Red Jade” — is the official name given by the Taiwan tea research authority to TTES* cultivar #18. Somehow they have adapted the English name as “Ruby” which is not quite correct, so we have kept the transliteration instead.

Red Jade is no ordinary black tea. Skip its ancestry and the painstaking production processing, what tastes in the cup makes it an exceptional connoisseur’s delight: full-bodied, smooth, bold, malty, yet minty and herbally complex. We have worked hard to come up with this top quality batch for you to experience what is truly represented by its nickname: the Fragrance of Taiwan.

Visit the gallery below to see the plant and its production process.

* TTES is short for Taiwan Tea Experiment Station, of Council of Agriculture, Taiwan ROC


Photo gallery: Red Jade processing