Introducing Tieguanyin Stout

Introducing Tieguanyin Stout
May 24, 2021 Leo Kwan
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Tea Hong’s Tieguanyin Traditional has been popular for its sweet floral aroma and soft, silky body. However, there is another style of production that makes bouquet style Tieguanyin with a more robust profile. And some people like it that way.

Presenting Tieguanyin Stout, a relatively sharper alternative for those who prefer a little more bite in the tea.

Produced in the same county as the origin, Anxi in Fujian, this relatively livelier style of the Minnan oolong is a signature of the village of Chang Keng. We have found a Lin family located near the summit where the leaves grow a little slower, giving enough balance for sweetness and bouquet to the strength.

Taste profile

Warm, buttery, and floral aroma of herbaceous overtone. Accents of new growth leaves. Clean, brisk infusion of floral sweetness in velvety texture. Light herbaceous bites on sides of tongue. Sweet aftertaste.

Infusion tips

For Gongfu style, begin with 7 g of tealeaves to 100 ml of water. 95°C infusion temperature for 30 seconds. Adjust these variables for a strength you prefer. Always blanch the leaves before the initial infusion. For larger teapots using conventional style, 1.5 g of tealeaves to 100 ml of water, same temperature for 5 minutes. Adjust tealeaves amount or infusion time for strength. Also need to blanch the leaves.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it after trying it.

Infusing Tieguanyin Stout

Preparing Tieguanyin Stout using a gaiwan and gongfu style technique

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