Ice Fire Technique

Ice Fire Technique
July 6, 2022 Leo Kwan
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Ice Fire Technique on Taiping Houkui

Tea infusion: Ice Fire Technique on Taiping Houkui, the unique green tea produced from the Shi Daye cultivar

To steep tea, there is the usual brewing with hot water and there is the recently popular cold infusion. There actually is one less practiced method of “Ice Fire Technique”.

You simply put a few cubes of ice into the vessel, add the tealeaves and then near boiling water. And cover to brew.

For a connoisseur, the beauty of this method is to draw more of the taste profile of a tea that is present only in hot brewing while achieving the silkiness in cold infusion. This method is great with quicker infusible varieties such as Luan Guapian, and Taiping Houkui. These happen to be lighter, brighter green teas that can be a great refreshment on a sweaty summer day.

Use a higher than the usual 2 g to 100 ml ratio because of the much lowered infusion temperature and give it at least 6 min of steeping. Then indulge yourself in that silky smooth caffeine kick. Experiment with the leaf to water ratio, timing and ice amount using the same infusion vessel until you find your own formula. Come back and thank me in the comment section below. And show it to your friends.

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