A Blockbuster of Everest Proportions

Primrose meets peppercorn in a nostril-flaring, mood-lifting adventure. Two thumbs up and a standing ovation from the taste buds!
Karen Ager
Silver Moon Himalayas 2016 Image
Silver Moon Himalayas 2016
What a magnificent example of Xing Ren. I compared this directly against six other Xing Ren, all from different vendors – two of which... read more
Orchid Gratus, Phoenix dancong oolong Image
Orchid Gratus, Phoenix dancong oolong
In short: One of the best, if not the best, Pu'er teas I've tasted.

In some way this is the Pu'er version of Honey...
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Tobias D
Pasha 2013, matured Pu’er shengcha Image
Pasha 2013, matured Pu’er shengcha
A very special experience for a seasoned tea drinker who has been around the block with both Fenghuang and Taiwanese oolong.

The experience this dancong...
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Shiguping Wulong, rare Phoenix oolong Image
Shiguping Wulong, rare Phoenix oolong
This is the best Oolong I've ever had.
The vanilla and mandarin orange flavour honestly blows me away.
It's such a rich-tasting tea, I would even...
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Maximilian Vorhoff
Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar 2018 Image
Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar 2018
This tea is like medicine for the soul. It’s a very complex and intriguing experience, worthy of having a focused session where you can... read more
Aura of the Night, bouquet Phoenix oolong Image
Aura of the Night, bouquet Phoenix oolong

With this tea, I got other people into tea 🙂

This tea is delicious. It's fruity, peach-y, floral, complex, interesting, and has a great mouth...
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Tanner Schmucker
Honey Orchid Supreme 2018 Image
Honey Orchid Supreme 2018

Ask Yourself

When seeking evenness of mind and a better disposition, ask yourself which tea might help you face the day with strength and calm....
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Karen Ager
Alishan Guanyin 2018 Image
Alishan Guanyin 2018

Smooth and minty

This is a wonderful Ruby 18. It is very smooth, with a strong minty taste. Just what I was hoping for. High...
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Richard Deitz
Red Jade 2020 Image
Red Jade 2020
This quickly became my favorite Gaiwan.

The design is wonderful and reminds us to connect with nature. It is easy to decant due to...
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Tobias D
Celeste Green Gaiwan Image
Celeste Green Gaiwan

Excellent tea

LO Wai Man
Song Cultivar 2018 Image
Song Cultivar 2018

Elegant, complex fragrance

The first time I had this tea I used the standard infusion parameters. It came across like the Snow Orchid, unsurprising as...
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Teddy Lionel
Orchid Gratus 2017 Image
Orchid Gratus 2017

About us…

Really hard to get better teas than this Teahong has been the major source of my own tea consumption. It's really hard to get better teas than this ones. My favourites: dancong oolongs.
Patricio Hurtado Escobar Avatar
Patricio Hurtado Escobar
Really high quality tea at competitive price I really enjoy their teas, but I have to remember not to wait as they sell out quickly 🙂 for me, oolong is their best (and my favorite) category but their long jing is phenomenal. If you want... read more
Joshua Taylor Avatar
Joshua Taylor
Leo is the TEA Man Leo is the TEA Man. His Knowledge is beyond compare and he is dedicated to his cause of helping us all understand and appreciate the many nuances and attributes of tea.. He is the creator and founder of... read more
Deborah Biber Avatar
Deborah Biber
Absolute pinnacle of quality teas Tea Hong offers the absolute pinnacle of quality teas. Certainly nothing else I'd previously experienced compares to Tea Hong. "Expert" tea shops in the U.S. pale in comparison. Tea Hong's proprietor and tea evangelist Leo Kwan ensures that... read more
Karen Elias Ager Avatar
Karen Elias Ager
Consistently impress every time Tea Hong is one of my favorite tea vendors for several reasons. First, and most importantly, their tea is wonderful. I truly have not had a single tea from Tea Hong that I didn't enjoy, and every tea... read more
Tanner Schmucker Avatar
Tanner Schmucker
I've always had top-notch tea from Tea Hong, and after trying so many tea shops around the world (including very expensive ones like Jing Tea in the UK), Tea Hong is one of the few that I keep... read more
Lai Hung En Avatar
Lai Hung En
the very best, without a doubt I've consumed more than 1,000 different teas from over 100 vendors during the past 20+ years, and in my opinion it doesn't get much better than Tea Hong. Not only is this entire catalog curated and selected to... read more
NN Avatar
The only online tea shop that I will ever buy from Since reading Leo Kwan's tea blog (Tea Guardian), I had been longing to try for myself true quality teas, especially Phoenix Oolongs which I had never heard before. Well, thank God that he set up Tea Hong, I... read more
Teddy Lionel Avatar
Teddy Lionel
Just like high end Japanese sake A company that has the highest quality product control and information available of product Origen and rating. just like high end Japan sake and high end food and beverage. tea Hong and its owner Leo Kwan is head... read more
Carlos Jorge Higuchi Avatar
Carlos Jorge Higuchi
沒有更好的 岩茶、單欉、普洱、龍井:我經常要買給自己和家人用,在其他地方,只有更貴的,沒有更好的。而且在Tea Hong買,我安心。
Sofina Chan Avatar
Sofina Chan

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