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I've always had top-notch tea from Tea Hong, and after trying so many tea shops around the world (including very expensive ones like Jing... read more

Lai Hung En Avatar
Lai Hung En

Really high quality tea at competitive price I really enjoy their teas, but I have to remember not to wait as they sell out quickly 🙂 for me, oolong is their... read more

Joshua Taylor Avatar
Joshua Taylor

Really the top Your shop is really the top between all tea shops. If I could I would like to run tea shop in the same style... read more

Leoš Wolny Avatar
Leoš Wolny

Thanks Tea Hong for the quality tea I've order several Phoenix Oolongs from Tea Hong and they're amazing. Thanks Tea Hong for the quality tea!!!

Richard Lee Avatar
Richard Lee

Leo is the TEA Man Leo is the TEA Man. His Knowledge is beyond compare and he is dedicated to his cause of helping us all understand and appreciate... read more

Deborah Biber Avatar
Deborah Biber

Consistently impress every time Tea Hong is one of my favorite tea vendors for several reasons. First, and most importantly, their tea is wonderful. I truly have not... read more

Tanner Schmucker Avatar
Tanner Schmucker

positive review Quality beyond comparison to any other. Informative website. Excellent service.

Emily Adams Avatar
Emily Adams

A source that I trust for pure, authentic tea Definitely impressed with the speed and quality of service. The tea I received was vibrant and fresh, with strong aroma. Some sites offer a... read more

Asaf Mazar Avatar
Asaf Mazar

I believe that Leo is the greatest tea connaisseur that I have ever meet

Steven Goldstein Avatar
Steven Goldstein

I have been reading Leo Kwan's Tea Guardian website for years. Every time I have a question about tea he is the first... read more

Frankee Muller Avatar
Frankee Muller

Just like high end Japanese sake A company that has the highest quality product control and information available of product Origen and rating. just like high end Japan sake and... read more

Carlos Jorge Higuchi Avatar
Carlos Jorge Higuchi

Especially Phoenix oolong One of my favorite places to buy tea, especially Phoenix oolong (though the Laos Shengcha, now out of stock, is also one of my... read more

Matthew Grohne Avatar
Matthew Grohne

Absolute pinnacle of quality teas Tea Hong offers the absolute pinnacle of quality teas. Certainly nothing else I'd previously experienced compares to Tea Hong. "Expert" tea shops in the... read more

Karen Elias Ager Avatar
Karen Elias Ager

Convenient way of bringing the tea dream to Canada An amazing teashop! The reason I'm skeptical of online tea shops is because of quality and you cannot taste the teas beforehand. But I... read more

Thuha Pham Avatar
Thuha Pham

沒有更好的 岩茶、單欉、普洱、龍井:我經常要買給自己和家人用,在其他地方,只有更貴的,沒有更好的。而且在Tea Hong買,我安心。

Sofina Chan Avatar
Sofina Chan

About the products…

DelightfulA delightful, refreshing tea!

Jean V. Young
Organic Paochong Image
Organic Paochong

ExcellentWhen infused under the suggested contidions, the results were excellent until the last batch. Satisfying results were also observed when the variables of the... read more

Isaac Olivar Casique
Longjing Spring Equinox 2020 Image
Longjing Spring Equinox 2020

This tea singsThere is not much I can add to the official description of this rare and fine tea. It is all the... read more

Karen Ager
Honey Orchid Supreme 2018 Image
Honey Orchid Supreme 2018

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