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  • Oct142023
    A maple leaf turning red

    Rock Tea for the Change of Season


    Amongst old tea drinkers, Wuyi oolongs are referred to as “Yan Cha” — Tea from the Rocks, or Rock Tea,…

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  • Aug132023
    A cup of black tea

    Three black teas from the birthplace of black tea

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    The first black tea recorded In 1732, a new kind of tea that was black in colour of the leaves…

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  • Jun192023
    Two green teas of opposite look on a dish

    How to choose a green tea?

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    Someone else deceptive business denies your rights The production of green tea, according to a lot of writings in the…

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  • Jun112023
    Wok roasting in Longjing green tea production

    Proper roasting is key to the classic taste of a fine Longjing

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    Besides the terra, the plant, and the quality of the pluck, mastery in processing is the single most important factor…

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  • May282023
    furry leaf shoot of tea

    A very short history of white tea that concerns you as a drinker

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    The production of traditional white tea looks very simple and straightforward on paper: lay the fresh leaves under the sun…

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  • Apr102023
    Making tea from a maocha using a gaiwan

    About Infusing Pu’er Maocha

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    Although it is perfectly okay to steep your maocha in a large pot in the conventional way, the tea can…

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  • Dec062022
    Pasha 2013, matured shengcha pu'er

    How to brew a cha bing

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    Tea compressed into a discus form is basically still a tea like any other loose leaves. The process of compressing…

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  • Sep242022
    Infusing Honey Orchid

    Does your Honey Orchid Supreme taste too bitter?


    What makes the taste of a tea? The taste of a tea is the combination of its many tones, accents…

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  • Sep052022
    A luscious double yolk mooncake served with tea

    What tea to use in Mid Autumn Festival?

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    This year, the night on September 10th will see a big full moon. That will be the Mid-Autumn Festival. In…

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  • Jul062022
    Ice Fire Technique on Taiping Houkui

    Ice Fire Technique

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    To steep tea, there is the usual brewing with hot water and there is the recently popular cold infusion. There…

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