• May282023
    furry leaf shoot of tea

    A very short history of white tea that concerns you as a drinker

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    The production of traditional white tea looks very simple and straightforward on paper: lay the fresh leaves under the sun…

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  • Apr012022
    Arturo Ricci — Afternoon tea

    What really is a gongfu black tea?

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    In the beginning what used to be called black tea by the West was actually oolong. I have explained that…

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  • Nov232021
    The 13 Hongs in Canton (now Guangzhou) during Qing Dynasty

    Rebirth of A Black Tea Region — Yingde

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    In the 17th century the county of Yingde in the southern province of Guangdong in China had suddenly become a…

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  • Jun222016
    The golden red liquor of Lincang Centenarians

    Red is the New Black

    Red or Black? The infusion is red, orange or brown, but why are they called black? In the Far East,…

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  • May292016
    Wounded Soldier waiting for help, Burma Campaign

    Dianhong — Tea Born of a War

    Tea teams were sent to Yunnan to explore setting up of a black tea production base for export to replace those in occupied Fujian, Jiangxi and Zhejiang. The resistance needed as much revenue as they could get in order to operate…

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  • Jan082015

    Danhu Old Bush Song & other Beautiful Phoenixes

    Wolf hair brush on fine silk scroll Zhaoji ( Huizong, Emperor of Song between 1101~1125 A.D. ) was not a…

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  • Nov142011

    Yixing teapots: Standard traditional forms

    The crude ancient documentation of traditional forms is a strong reminder that Yixing teapot is still very much an art…

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