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Ever since we launched as our online shop in late 2012, we have been constantly improving both the website and its offerings. We understand that you want not only the best quality, the best value and the most meaningful selections, but also the friendliest environment in which to make your choices. Fine tea is both a necessity and an enjoyment after all. That is why we have always wanted to make it a happy and relevant experience for you.

The site reconstruction in late 2017 is the most substantial one ever. We have actually rebuilt the whole internet shop from the ground up, basing on ideas, comments and other long emails sent in by fans and customers all over the world. You will continue to see many, many new products and new shop features appearing through 2018.

However, no shop is perfect and no collection will suit every person’s needs. Please continue to share with us your thoughts.

Since the shop is now closed for improvement works, visit our Facebook or Google page to leave your comments there. Better yet, give us your rating review in Facebook.

Your encouragement continues to help us with our faith in the mission to bring true quality to the world.

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