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    Tea-for-one ( Double Wall )
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    Tea-for-one: with double wall cup

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    Our all-in-one tea ware has been so popular that we are commissioning a few workshops for new designs. The first three designs come from a small studio in Chaozhou.

    This Yixing style features a cup with double wall for more comfort in handling. Made in high quality replicate Yixing clay and genuinely mature-able. In minimalistic design, with two pot size options: a 90ml in the lighter colour duanni, and a 170ml in the deep brown zisha.

    A very small experimental batch that we are giving out for free. For details please see this link:

    Write in the "Leave a Message" section in the check-out page: February Blessing

    T4-1-B: for the 90ml duanni design
    T4-1-C: for the 170ml zisha design

    USD 12.80USD 12.80
    USD 12.80USD 12.80