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4 Ways to Select a Tea

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4 ways to select a tea

…When it comes to selecting a tea, your criteria may not be the same as that of any other tea drinkers. That is why we group our tea products in different ways so you can see them in the context that is closest to how you think when selecting a tea… » go to selection guide now

5 Main Tea Categories

Green tea iconBlack tea iconWhite tea iconOolong iconPu'er icon

If you have decided that you will be getting a tea from the Green, Black, White, Oolong or Pu’er category, click on the icon to discover our gems.

8 Tea Regions

Fenghuang / Phoenix

Fenghuang/ Phoenix region

Huangshan/ Anhui

Huangshan/ Anhui region

Minnan-Mindong, Fujian

Minnan-Mindong region

Nepal, the Himalayas

Nepal - Himalayas region


Taiwan region


Wuyi-shan region


Yunnan region


Zhejiang region

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Since 1998, our tea master Leo Kwan has pushed the arena of tea business beyond traditional buying and selling… » Read more about us

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