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Random product reviews

  • Alishan Guanyin 2016

    Alishan Guanyin, deep baked Taiwan oolong

    Like return to old days

    This guanyin like I drank with father when I was a boy. Sweet memories total recalled. I search east and I search west, until I found this. Very delicious good taste

    Ai Han Ngau
  • Eight Immortals Wudong 2016

    Eight Immortals Wudong, Phoenix dancong oolong

    I am so glad that you said this. Every year we have to spend a lot of efforts managing our sources in order to make sure they deliver their best outputs. Phoenix oolongs are amongst the most difficult ones since they are so much in high demand and the annual yield of genuine ones is small. Furthermore, Eight Immortals is not an easy tea to process well.

    Tea Hong
  • Sacred Lily 2016

    Sacred Lily, Wuyi yancha oolong

    A Real Treat

    I would call this a mid-roast tea with a high floral aroma with sweet mineral flavours. My mouth is full of flavour, feeling, and the huigan is big! This is a big tea. Dry leaves are long. Layers of flavor and depth. A real powerhouse!

    Jeffrey Novick
  • Luan Guapian Supreme, traditional green tea

    Beautiful tea

    I don’t have a lot of experience with different kinds of tea, but this one is so different that I want to write about it here. It has a fullest, roundest body and silkiest texture I have ever experienced with tea. I have not expected tea to be like that before and I totally love it!

    Jean V. Young

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