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Random product reviews

  • Red Jade black tea

    Red Jade, Taiwan TTES#18 black tea

    Again, glad you have enjoyed this tea. It is indeed one of my favourite black teas and not too many people have even heard about it. For your high sensitivity in taste, if you venture into the arena of a longer steep you will find even more wonders in this gem of Taiwan.

    Leo Kwan
  • Red Cloak Grande 2016

    Red Cloak Grande, Wuyi yancha oolong

    Add More Leaves & Wow!
    Our initial gongfu brews of Red Cloak Grande 2018 left us puzzled. We used 3g of leaves to 130ml water. We varied the steeping time and temperature but the tea tasted weak.

    We decided to use 6g of leaves and what a tremendous improvement it made to the brew! We varied the steeping time but kept the temperature at 95°C which allowed the flavour to come through – full-bodied and well-balanced, yet subtle and distinctive. It was everything worthy of its namesake!

    Jeffery Leong
  • Bada 2007

    Bada 2011, Pu’er shu cha

    Substantial tea

    The “body” of this puer can become very substantial with a lot of taste but at the same time mild and sweet. Never tasted anything like this and liking it!

    Brigitte Thompson
  • Bell Shape Utility Gaiwan

    Bell Shape Utility Gaiwan


    Hello Zachno (and other customers who have been waiting for restocking of this gaiwan),

    We feel sorry that this product is sold out so much quicker than we expected. We have already asked the manufacturer to produce this again, sooner than already scheduled, but since our order is relatively small, we have to be waiting in line. The fact that it is now Chinese New Year long holiday in Mainland China is delaying it for another two weeks. Please bear with us for the time being. Please do consider our other great quality and great value choices.

    Please do register for email alert if you want to be notified as soon as the stock is available.

    Siu PB

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