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Random product reviews

  • Cassia Extraordinaire Wuyi Oolong

    Cassia Extraordinaire, Wuyi yancha oolong

    My most expensive tea ever, and loving it!

    I should have written about a few other oolongs I tried since my happy experience with Phoenix Bittersweet, but I have to share with you this one. This is the most expensive tea I have ever bought and so pleased with it. It has a great sweet wood taste and a very interesting spice to it. Not hot or pungent or anything like that, but very memorable character. Warm, refreshing aroma and very tasteful tea. I have stopped alcohol for 6 years now, this tea is like a very fine wine, except that this keeps me sober and feeling healthy 😉

    Brigitte Thompson
  • Phoenix oolong: Orchid Gratus

    Orchid Gratus, Phoenix dancong oolong

    Elegant, complex fragrance

    The first time I had this tea I used the standard infusion parameters. It came across like the Snow Orchid, unsurprising as they are both categorized as bouquet Phoenix oolongs. But from smelling the infused leaves, I can tell that this Orchid Gratus is gravitating towards the traditional Phoenix style. The infused leaves also shows more oxidation than Snow Orchid.
    Then I tried it with 4g/100ml in 40 seconds. Wow, it reminds me of the Big White but without the faint sweet potato/peach aroma, yet somehow more complex. Smelling the tea is like smelling a good perfume, it is almost like there are many different fragrance combined together in a cup of tea. I’d say the aftertaste is not long, therefore I would twirl the tea in my mouth a little bit longer before swallowing it to enjoy the beautiful fragrance.

    Teddy Lionel
  • GABA Orange

    GABA Orange Extra, de-oxygenised oxidation Taiwan oolong

    Thank you for sharing your experience. All our bead shape Taiwan oolongs are tightly rolled. Upon very short infusion time, indeed the release rate will be slow. That is why you are getting a lot of infusion rounds. If the strength from the quick brew is already satisfactory to you, maybe less leaves using a slightly longer infusion time will give you a whole new horizon in the taste of this tea. Again as a general reference:

    Tea Hong
  • Phoenix oolong: Shemen Dancong

    Shèmen Dancong Double Baked, Phoenix dancong oolong

    The very first Phoenix tea that really “rocks” me.
    The first impression from the strong infusion of gongfu approach is, it rocks! It hits hard in the very first sense then mellows out in toasty grains and finishes with concentrated cool fruity sensation. The finish itself is very long, sweet, like a good stone fruit.
    And, yes, it rocks. It’s energy stimulates my entire sense and seems to expand it further but not too hasty. I’m glad to meet this tea.

    Danupon S.

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