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Random product reviews

  • Shiguping Wulong 2015

    Shiguping Wulong, rare Phoenix oolong

    It is a very satisfying feeling to read from a customer who can appreciate the subtle quality difference of a tea that we have worked so hard for knowing that it will have only a limited audience, simply because of its own milder virtues. Thank you for sharing this!

    Tea Hong
  • Tea Hong: Black Tea: Tongmuguan One

    Tongmuguan One, gongfu black tea

    Amazing and very different taste and aroma. This is the best black tea I have ever had.

    Brigitte Thompson
  • Phoenix oolong: Orchid Gratus

    Orchid Gratus, Phoenix dancong oolong

    Elegant, complex fragrance

    The first time I had this tea I used the standard infusion parameters. It came across like the Snow Orchid, unsurprising as they are both categorized as bouquet Phoenix oolongs. But from smelling the infused leaves, I can tell that this Orchid Gratus is gravitating towards the traditional Phoenix style. The infused leaves also shows more oxidation than Snow Orchid.
    Then I tried it with 4g/100ml in 40 seconds. Wow, it reminds me of the Big White but without the faint sweet potato/peach aroma, yet somehow more complex. Smelling the tea is like smelling a good perfume, it is almost like there are many different fragrance combined together in a cup of tea. I’d say the aftertaste is not long, therefore I would twirl the tea in my mouth a little bit longer before swallowing it to enjoy the beautiful fragrance.

    Teddy Lionel
  • Bell Shape Utility Gaiwan

    Bell Shape Utility Gaiwan

    A Good Gaiwan

    Its quality and price are hardly beaten.


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