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Random product reviews

  • Phoenix Classic 2016

    Phoenix Classic

    Glad that you like it. Phoenix Classic really is a good choice for many different occasions!

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    Tea Hong
  • Jasmine Scented Green Tea: Honey Pearl Pekoe

    Honey Pearl Pekoe

    Like a bunch of flowers in my mug

    These delicate small beads smell like actual jasmine flowers and uncurl beautifully into tender young leaf buds in my mug!

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    Jean V. Young
  • Phoenix oolong: Black Leaf Special

    Black Leaf Special 2017

    very good

    Flavor is smooth at first followed by a crispness after swallowing that leaves a freshness in my mouth. This tea is very enjoyable.

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    Brian Lindburg
  • Cassia Extraordinaire Wuyi Oolong

    Cassia Extraordinaire 2021

    Stunning & memorable (2011 version)

    This is an outstanding tea that is unlike and better than any other Wuyi oolong I’ve tasted (with the possible exception of Tea Hong’s Sacred Lily). It infuses forever, and somehow manages to display lasting aromatic characters alongside power and intensity, but with no element dominant and no intrusive charcoal. Every mouthful is pleasurable. It’s worth every cent.

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    Critical John

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