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Random product reviews

  • Wenshan Paochong tealeaves

    Wenshan Paochong, light style Taiwan oolong

    Brief (15 seconds) steeps in 90 Celcius water.
    Liquor is a clear pale yellow in visual.
    Taste is very light with a floral green aftertaste.
    No astringency nor bitterness.
    Wet leaves are freshly green and large.
    One needs to steep this at a longer timing to get a more pronounced aroma and taste.

    rudi hermawan
  • Luan Guapian Supreme, traditional green tea

    Beautiful tea

    I don’t have a lot of experience with different kinds of tea, but this one is so different that I want to write about it here. It has a fullest, roundest body and silkiest texture I have ever experienced with tea. I have not expected tea to be like that before and I totally love it!

    Jean V. Young
  • Longjing Spring Equinox

    Longjing Spring Equinox, hand-roasted green tea

    Very good tea

    Just tried this tea, miles better than what I’ve bought from other websites.

    I live in England ordered on the 30th Oct (wed) received on the 4th Nov (mon) so very fast shipping (pricey but if it gets here fast and undamaged that is great)

    Mark Radymski
  • White tea: Premodern Peony

    Premodern Peony, deep oxidation white tea

    My first order has arrived. The first tea I tried was this Peony. Hence my first review.

    This tea is a revelation. I’ve prepared commercial-grade white peony from a local teas shop, as well as other Chinese whites, and they tend to pleasant but one-dimensional; that familiar woody taste, but not much more. This peony has a full, round, complex flavour, as described above, making it much more interesting than the common whites. I can never go back to “modern” peonies now, let alone post-modern ones 🙂

    2g/100ml/90°C/1,5min is a good starting point, with first a quick hot rinse, as I learned elsewhere on this site.

    Colin Brace

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