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Random product reviews

  • Song Cultivar 2015

    Song Cultivar, Phoenix dancong oolong



  • Wenshan Paochong tealeaves

    Wenshan Paochong, light style Taiwan oolong

    Thank you for sharing your experience. As a general guidance, it is not desirable to infuse tea using 15 seconds unless the leaves are quite broken or cut. To understand the taste profile of most green style Taiwan oolongs such as Paochong, which are generally more delicate, 5 g to 150 ml water for 40 seconds is a good starting point. Adjust to personal taste. Use near boiling water, as suggested in the infusion tips. For a good general reference, please visit: where Leo has made a list of different groups of teas with respective infusion parameters.

    Tea Hong
  • Honey Orchid Supreme 2014

    Honey Orchid Supreme, classic Phoenix dancong oolong

    Your wonderful writing

    @Karen, I have to tell you how amused I am reading all these nicely written reviews you so kindly shared on this site. “I now mourn all the years I wasted drinking ‘shadow-of-tea-powder’ that comes in a typical western tea bag” What wonderful art of the word!

    Oh yes, indeed, this Honey Orchid Supreme is a tea that many of my tea importer clients want “samples” for their own enjoyment, but quite rarely dare to sell by themselves!

    Tea Hong
  • Red Cloak Grande 2016

    Red Cloak Grande, Wuyi yancha oolong

    Wasn’t impressed with 2012 version

    I truly expected more from this yancha after trying your fabulous Sacred Lily. I feel like the mineral rock taste of this one is a bit lacking compared to Sacred Lily. Perhaps it’s because the roast here seems to me a little overdone as the leaves struggle to open up even when using 99c water, high pour with yixing teapot.

    Barak Dallal

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