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Random product reviews

  • Snow Orchid

    Snow Orchid, bouquet Phoenix dancong oolong

    Aptly named

    I imagine if one picks a lovely, rare orchid out of the snow, this tea exactly mirrors that taste. Exotic florals finished by the sensation of a cool breeze circulating your olfactory system. Uplifting.

    Karen Ager
  • Tea leaves of Hong Yu Deep White

    Hong Yu Deep White, deep oxidation Taiwan white tea

    Glad you like the tea. Indeed a quick wash can already render a pleasant feeling. However, as responded previously to your other comments, a longer steep does render a more complete profile of a tea and will bring a wider horizon to the appreciation and enjoyment of it, and the world of tea at large. Do let us know how you do in your journey in this direction.

    Leo Kwan
  • Bada 2007

    Bada 2011, Pu’er shu cha

    Substantial tea

    The “body” of this puer can become very substantial with a lot of taste but at the same time mild and sweet. Never tasted anything like this and liking it!

    Brigitte Thompson
  • Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar 2014

    Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar, Phoenix dancong oolong


    Sofina Chan

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