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Random product reviews

  • White Shiiba Himalayan white tea

    White Shiiba, deep oxidation Nepal white tea

    Amazing aromas of fruits and flowers that I have not experienced before. A delicious tea

    James Lang
  • White tea: Premodern Peony

    Premodern Peony, deep oxidation white tea

    My first order has arrived. The first tea I tried was this Peony. Hence my first review.

    This tea is a revelation. I’ve prepared commercial-grade white peony from a local teas shop, as well as other Chinese whites, and they tend to pleasant but one-dimensional; that familiar woody taste, but not much more. This peony has a full, round, complex flavour, as described above, making it much more interesting than the common whites. I can never go back to “modern” peonies now, let alone post-modern ones 🙂

    2g/100ml/90°C/1,5min is a good starting point, with first a quick hot rinse, as I learned elsewhere on this site.

    Colin Brace
  • Cassia Extraordinaire Wuyi Oolong

    Cassia Extraordinaire, Wuyi yancha oolong

    My most expensive tea ever, and loving it!

    I should have written about a few other oolongs I tried since my happy experience with Phoenix Bittersweet, but I have to share with you this one. This is the most expensive tea I have ever bought and so pleased with it. It has a great sweet wood taste and a very interesting spice to it. Not hot or pungent or anything like that, but very memorable character. Warm, refreshing aroma and very tasteful tea. I have stopped alcohol for 6 years now, this tea is like a very fine wine, except that this keeps me sober and feeling healthy 😉

    Brigitte Thompson
  • Phoenix oolong: Orchid Gratus

    Orchid Gratus, Phoenix dancong oolong

    Thank you for sharing your experience and such wonderful description of the taste profile. I’ll make sure your next purchase will arrive with a great array of samples from our Phoenix selections 😉

    Tea Hong

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