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Random product reviews

  • Song Cultivar 2015

    Song Cultivar, Phoenix dancong oolong

    Perfume for the palate

    Oh, the excitement when the Tea Hong box arrives! Song Cultivar was the first to be sampled after the un-boxing of my second shipment. The dry leaves make music as they tinkle into the gaiwan, blooming into a mass of plump foliage when brewed. The tea is clear and golden brown but tastes like a gray, misty day by a crackling fire. Deep and slightly bitter, it leaves a citrus-like perfume lingering on your palate.

    Karen Ager
  • Silver Moon Himalayas 2016

    Silver Moon Himalayas, Nepal semi-oolong

    A Blockbuster of Everest Proportions

    Primrose meets peppercorn in a nostril-flaring, mood-lifting adventure. Two thumbs up and a standing ovation from the taste buds!

    Karen Ager
  • Bell Shape Utility Gaiwan

    Bell Shape Utility Gaiwan

    A Good Gaiwan

    Its quality and price are hardly beaten.

  • GABA Orange

    GABA Orange Extra, de-oxygenised oxidation Taiwan oolong

    What a refreshing point you have made! Making tea using a longer duration rather than those popular practice of a few seconds. When I first experienced old style gongfu tea-making in Chaozhou decades ago, this old man moved very fast with his equipment and water, talked fast too (I hardly made out 50% of what he said ), yet he sat there patiently while waiting for tea to brew in his small teapot. I still remember the sensation of the full-flavoured liquor to this day. By the way, the upcoming batch of GABA is going to be a lot more wonderful than this one. — Leo Kwan

    Tea Hong

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