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Random product reviews

  • Eight Immortals Wudong 2016

    Eight Immortals Wudong, Phoenix dancong oolong

    Superb in every way

    When you are in a perfect space and require a perfect friend this has to be it. This is so refined that the do not disturb sign has to be on the world until every last drop is tasted. You and the eight immortals will become one.

  • Dianhong Classic black tea

    Dianhong Classic, traditional black tea

    Indeed, the experience of taste can be a very subjective matter. As you have pointed out the infusion method matters. A different way will most definitely give you another experience. I am glad you have enjoyed the tea, every batch of which has taken me so much work to finalise.
    Leo Kwan

    Tea Hong
  • Green tea Taiping Houkui Premium

    Taiping Houkui Premium, green tea of shidaye cultivar

    A beautiful tea

    I heard about this only a few years ago. Before I bought it, I thought it maybe sth gimmick (just like those blossom tea; yeah, they may look beautiful in the water but taste nothing! Why waste money on sth tasteless?). However, this Taiping Houkui tastes much better than I expect. Though its depth is not as good as other green tea like longjing, it has its own character. And it is truly beautiful with its bright green colour! Lovely!

  • Cream Stout 2016

    Cream Stout, Wuyi yancha oolong

    We carry only spring harvests

    Hello again Ming, yes, we carry only spring harvests. So the next time the tea is available is next Spring.

    Siu PB

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