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Tea ware selection by material: Bone china

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    Classic White Utility Gaiwan 150
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    Classic White Utility Gaiwan 150

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    150 ml is an important capacity for infusion vessel, because this is one of the standard sizes specified by ISO for preparing tea for tasting. That is also why we think this classic bell shape white china gaiwan is so useful as a utility infusion ware. It is also a large enough size for serving up enough tea using the gongfu approach, yet small enough for most hand sizes to handle. Produced by a very small studio in Chaozhou ( the "capital" of gongfu tea ) using a half-mould, half-handmade process, the thinness at brim of the bowl is ideal for smooth liquid flow and heat management. Choice of white porcelain and bone china.
    USD 7.00USD 7.00
    USD 7.00USD 7.00 Quickview