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In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, all substances for ingestion are classified under various definitions of material nature each of which suits different health conditions, times, and environments. To make it easy for our customers who have an interest in selecting tea basing on its TCM nature, we have defined the TCM heat-cold energy inclination of each tea. Hope this may help you enjoy more of your selection and benefit better from tea!

  • Narcissus Classic 2016
    USD 19.10

    Narcissus Classic, Wuyi yancha oolong

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    Dark Rock Shuixian:

    This tea may have the same name as some low quality tea used in dimsum restaurants but it certainly tastes differently. It is the ORIGINAL Shuixian, the famous oolong that grows on dark rock cliffs in the depth of Wuyi Mountains. Narcissus Classic, like most other deeper baked oolongs, goes well with a wide range of cuisines and desserts and is a great digestive. Also an adaptable tea for preparation with other ingredients, such as ginger and raw sugar, and a safer tea for the weaker stomach. Chrysanthemum classInfusion colorTCM Warm Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 19.10
    USD 19.10