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    Green tea: Biluochun Regal
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    Biluochun Supreme, traditional green tea

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    Green Snail Spring Aromatic

    These fragrant little leaves are so fluffy that one may want to make a down pillow out of them for sweet dreams every night. However, they are certainly not the softest tasting green tea. A fine Biluochun like Tea Hong’s does have a smooth body but enough character for optimal stimulation. Yet gentle enough to be one’s company throughout the day, even when you are searching deep inside for that piece of critical article you have to write, as those royals or literati did in old Qing China.
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    Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 23.30
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  • Black Tea: Ying Hong Nine
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    Ying Hong Nine, gongfu black tea

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    Prodigy Black Tea of Yingde

    Although the ancestry of cultivar Ying Hong #9 was taken from the rugged mountains of Yunnan 60 years ago, the tea tree has acquired a very different characteristics in the much milder climate on the rolling hills of middle Guangdong. However, not all farms are able to produce a warm sweet black tea with a rich and smooth body as Tea Hong’s Ying Hong Nine. This patiently withered and oxidised selection is processed in the Guangdong style and optimally baked for its creamy characteristics and fruity accents. A prize-winning quality at great value. Delta classInfusion colour: WolfberryTCM NeutralStaff Pick iconGreat Value icon Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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  • Xin Yang Maojian, first flush green tea
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    Xin Yang Maojian, first flush green tea

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    A pine-needle shaped green tea, roasted and baked

    In the green tea grand tradition, a fine quality is defined not by a single virtual, but rather a balance of several epicurean characteristics. Such as that between the floral and the chestnutty aspects of this tea. Or that between its sweet and herbaceous characters. To contain such richness in these pine needle like tiny tealeaves, it requires not only a great horticultural environment but also mastery in harvesting and production processing. The multiple steps of roasting, rolling and baking have to be optimally timed, temperatured and delicately performed. We proudly present Xin Yang Maojian, the essence of a grand tradition humbly packaged in these delicately rolled minuscule leaves. Whether you come onto this page for the name of this “one of the 10 most famous Chinese teas”, or that you want to find a better tasting version than the last one you bought somewhere else, Tea Hong’s Xin Yang Maojian is a fine green tea that is suitable for whole day drinking or that special aficionado tea competition party. Delta classMorning sun yellowTCM Cold energyStaff Pick iconGreat Value icon Net weight: 70 g (2.5 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 17.70
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