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  • Green tea Taiping Houkui Premium
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    Taiping Houkui Premium, green tea of shidaye cultivar

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    Bujian Special:

    A very special tea bush — Camellia sinensis cultivar Shidaye — makes this unique looking tea. Each and every tediously selected pluck is carefully flattened between meshes during the slow baking process. We select only the best of these top grades for the fresh, cooling and cleansing sensations that complete this tea's purpose in addition to being wonderful to look at. Delta classInfusion colorTCM Cold Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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  • Tea Hong: Bang Xie Puer Maocha
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    Bang Xie Maocha 2007, matured Pu’er shengcha

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    Whipping Rattan Tea

    In historical herbal literature, tea is referred to as bitter, “extremely chilly” to the body constituents, but effectively detoxicating. That basically is what is the raw tea leaf. While green tea is cooked, and most white tea is from plants that are severely tamed through breeding, Pu’er maocha maybe the closest thing one can get commercially nowadays for what the ancients had referred to. Yet in order to offer a tea that is taste worthy, we have to find plants that are strong and and soil that is rich to provide that potential. And dry those leaves from the first flush and age them well to round off all the edges and deepen the tastes. A Whipping Rattan Tea bush is such pruned that buds just flush in the tips of its few branches. All the plant’s nutrients are thus focused in these few young leaves. We think that would be good raw material for us to process and age. Presenting the very special Whipping Rattan Bang Xie Maocha, aged since 2007. A unique Pu’er tea in every way.
    Taichi Class Infusion colour: Gold TCM Neutral-cool icon Tea Master's Choice icon Great value!
    Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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    Keemun FOP 2016
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    Keemun FOP, black tea

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    Qimen Flowery Orange Pekoe:

    Most teas in our collections are "artisan" teas made with intense craftsmanship, but we want also to offer choices that are price competitive yet still in respectable quality. Introducing Keemun FOP, produced by a Chinese government recognised national showcase factory for classic Keemun standards. Everything at top quality level of the "Keemun" name, as known in the mass market. Great for breakfast, afternoon tea or your carrot cake party, with milk or not, like a good old fashioned flowery orange pekoe should be. Connoisseur classInfusion colorTCM Neutral-warmGreat value Net weight: 110 g (3.9 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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  • Xin Yang Maojian, first flush green tea
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    Xin Yang Maojian, first flush green tea

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    A pine-needle shaped green tea, roasted and baked

    In the green tea grand tradition, a fine quality is defined not by a single virtual, but rather a balance of several epicurean characteristics. Such as that between the floral and the chestnutty aspects of this tea. Or that between its sweet and herbaceous characters. To contain such richness in these pine needle like tiny tealeaves, it requires not only a great horticultural environment but also mastery in harvesting and production processing. The multiple steps of roasting, rolling and baking have to be optimally timed, temperatured and delicately performed. We proudly present Xin Yang Maojian, the essence of a grand tradition humbly packaged in these delicately rolled minuscule leaves. Whether you come onto this page for the name of this “one of the 10 most famous Chinese teas”, or that you want to find a better tasting version than the last one you bought somewhere else, Tea Hong’s Xin Yang Maojian is a fine green tea that is suitable for whole day drinking or that special aficionado tea competition party. Delta classMorning sun yellowTCM Cold energyStaff Pick iconGreat Value icon Net weight: 70 g (2.5 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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