Product description: Taste Profile

Aroma, Palatial Experience, Aftertaste

To describe each tea for you, we have tried to structure the writing of its taste profile with a logical sequence: the aroma, the palatial experience and the aftertaste. The same flow of experience as the tea is enjoyed, i.e. the nose, the palate and the finish.

Since there is not yet a set of vocabulary universally adapted for describing the taste of tea as it has been for wine, we have improvised by creating our own. Hopefully some standard will come about with this effort for the good of everyone.

As much an art as Infusion itself

All notes as represented in the taste profile of each selection in this website is the subjective observation of our master taster. While accuracy of the taste of each tea is not only a result of the condition of the tea in concerned, but also that in which it is infused and tasted. Tasting is also as much an art as the process of preparing the very tea for tasting, particularly in the realm of fine teas, as those we are offering.

Fundamentally, the tealeaves to water ratio; the size, material and shape of the infusing utensil; the water temperature and the very quality of water itself are crucial factors. The sensitivity of the taster, the subjective association of certain stimulations, and also the very perception of the use of words themselves are all elements that make up the observation as represented.

Tea Tasting Step by Step

Leo has described the basic steps of tasting in the Tea Guardian <please click here to read it>. It would be instrumental to become fluent in the art if you’d like to experience deeper into the various subtleties of a finer tea.

Please do refer to the tea infusion tips provided in each product description and share with us your experience in tasting our teas.

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