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    Dianhong Classic black tea
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    Dianhong Classic 2019

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    Feng Qing Golden Tip:

    Some people think that the more the golden tip, the better the quality of a black tea. For a real connoisseur, however, it is the taste profile made possible by properly managing all the variables throughout production that matters. Don’t be convinced by the rich dark chocolate aroma of the dry leaves either. What matters is the round and complex body in the clear deep golden red liquor possible only with the first flush leaves from the deep mountains in Fengqing, the origin of Dianhong.

    Chrysanthemum classinfusion color: wolfberryTCM character: neutral warmGreat value!

    Net weight: 50 g ( 1.8 oz ) in Kraft-alu pack

    USD 15.90 USD 12.72
    USD 15.90 USD 12.72 Quickview