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  • Big White 2016
    USD 16.50

    Big White, Phoenix dancong oolong

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    Fenghuang Da Baiye:

    Produced using a Phoenix native cultivar Da Baiye ( i.e. Big White Leaf ), and has certain taste similarity as the rarer Song Cultivar Huangzhi Xiang, this tea is popular amongst traders for use as a substitute for the pricier label. Tea Hong’s top quality selection, Big White is certainly a good demonstration of how this tea can fool the lesser experienced connoisseurs. That said, however, the trained tongue can certainly tell it is a fine tea on its own for the uniqueness in its floral aroma, silky texture and soft, smooth body. Chrysanthemum classInfusion colorTCM character: Neutral CoolStaff pickGreat valueTea Master's Choice Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 16.50
    USD 16.50