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  • White tea: Premodern Peony
    USD 15.70

    Premodern Peony, deep oxidation white tea

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    Zhenghe Old Style White Tea:

    Before there were the Dai Bai cultivars for the modern White Peony, it had first been indigenous Cai Cha for producing white teas in Fujian. A lesser looking tea plant but capable of a deeper and rounder taste profile, such sexually propagated tea bushes still exist today. Presenting Tea Hong’s very own Premodern Peony — patiently processed like it used to be a century ago, and matured to our tea master’s personal liking. All the wholesomeness of white tea with a fine taste that you can keep drinking throughout the day. Connoisseur classInfusion colorTCM NeutralStaff pickTea Master's Choice Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 15.70
    USD 15.70
  • Tea leaves of Hong Yu Deep White
    USD 22.50

    Hong Yu Deep White, deep oxidation Taiwan white tea

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    White tea with a twist

    The very same cultivar which leaves that make the black tea, Fragrance of Taiwan — Red Jade — is employed to make this unique white tea. Where the black tea has an upfront distinctive character which tea novices may need time to grow into, the white tea version is a lot friendlier for understanding this wonderful camellia formosenisis species with. Hong Yu Deep White has the light and easy first impression like other white teas, but that will grow in your palate to the roundness of an aged black tea and the floral character of an oolong. An unmistakable gastronomical signature uniquely its own seamlessly holds all elements together as a continuum of olfactory-palatial sensation experience.
    Delta class Infusion colour: Gold TCM Neutral-cool icon Tea Master's Choice icon Great value!
    Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 22.50
    USD 22.50
  • Moon Drops Himalayas, deeper flavour white tea
    USD 28.30

    Moon Drops Himalayas, deep oxidation Nepali white tea

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    When a Taiwanese marries a Japanese in Nepal

    The tougher terroir of the Himalayas usually gives a more rugged characteristic to the yield. Yet the ingenious farmer of Tea Hong's Moon Drop Himalayas has employed the creamy Jinxuan ( 金萱 ) cultivar from Taiwan and the umami Yabukita ( やぶきた ) from Japan to produce this tea. Their softer nature most definitely tones down the harsher growing environment to give this tea an extraordinarily round body, accompanied with a sweetness and bouquet that one can hardly find in any other South Asian productions. An extra step of rolling is added to the end of the white tea withering process to develop more depth in the taste profile. This is indeed an unusual gem of white tea. However, maintaining the East Asian tea plants in the Himalayas is not an easy job and getting a good yield from them is even more demanding. We have been following this tea for almost a decade before deciding to carry it. A fine batch as this one on offer is rare. Taichi ClassInfusion colorTCM NeutralTea Master's ChoiceStaff Pick iconEU certified Organic Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pillow
    USD 28.30
    USD 28.30