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  • Moonlight Gaiwan, shown as in a set
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    Moonlight Gaiwan

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    A demanding connoisseur's choice

    While to many drinkers, the white porcelain gaiwan maybe the standard infusion vessel, some need an instrument to further improve the brewing experience. It should have all the advantages of a good porcelain — a thin, well formed brim for good decantation, a hollow in the lid button for keeping it cool enough for handling, a dome-shape lid for air trap, a rounded belly for minimising surface area to volume ratio… just like the Celeste Green Gaiwan has. However, one may want additionally a thicker, denser wall in the bowl for even better heat retention, a more solid weight for more confidence in handling, yet the same smooth, polished surface as porcelain for easy care. That would make the perfect gaiwan. Such as this Moonlight gaiwan. A double glazed stoneware of a very dense clay, it weighs 46% more than a porcelain gaiwan of its size. It has a thicker wall at the belly, yet the same thin brim that you expect of a good gaiwan. Its capacity is 150ml, just like an infusion mug specified in the international tasting standard ISO 3103.
    USD 25.90
    USD 25.90