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    Shiguping Wulong 2015
    USD 27.00

    Shiguping Wulong, rare Phoenix oolong

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    Rare Indigenous Cultivar:

    To us, offering the extremely rare Shiguping Wulong is not a challenge enough. We think we should give you the best of its kind. Trekking further deep into the mountain above the elusive main village of Shiguping we found the patch of land which the locals called Liao-xi-ya, where it all began. The tea is softer, yet fuller and even more complex than that in the main village. The very original Shiguping Wulong*, as highly acclaimed by the man who devoted all of his life in advocating oolongs of Phoenix, the 74 years-old tea specialist Huang Bozi. icon-taichiCanaryTCM Neutral-cool Energy TaichiStaff Pick iconTea Master's Choice icon Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 27.00
    USD 27.00