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  • Aura of the Night Bouquet style Phoenix oolong
    USD 31.20

    Aura of the Night, bouquet Phoenix oolong

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    Yelai Xiang Dancong

    The complex, yet bright and lively floral aroma of this tea is associated with a native flower, yelai xiang, aka Chinese violet. It is a vine yielding light yellow small flowers that are especially fragrant at night, hence the name, yelai xiang — the fragrance that comes in the night, from which we have derived our product name. The plant is native in Guangdong province and neighbouring areas. It is the province where the Phoenix region situates. It has taken us some work to get to Lion Head Peak ( see below for more about the origin ) to acquire this best quality representation of the variety. Please enjoy. Trinity class iconInfusion colour: GoldTCM Neutral-cool Energy TaichiTea Master's Choice iconStaff Pick icon Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 31.20
    USD 31.20