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    Lotus Drum

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    Classic Qing style teacup

    Drum shape teacup with stylised lotus motifs in enamel overglaze. Diameter: 6.9 cm Capacity: 100 ml Material: Kaolin white china with enamel overglaze and golden trimmings Content: 1 cup
    USD 11.20
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    Wood-fired Lotus


    Craft Teacups: Special Glaze series

    Diameter: 8.1 cm Capacity: 121 ml Material: Hand-thrown stoneware with hand-painted lotus motif Content: 1 cup
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    Gold Foot

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    Gold overlaid on applique

    Shooter teacup with tall foot design in gold overlaid on appliqué. Diameter: 6.9 cm Capacity: 73 ml Material: Kaolin white china with enamel overglaze and golden trimmings Content: 1 cup
    USD 12.70
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    Gaiwan: Rushi Jade White 165
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    Twin Gaiwan Set: Rushi Jade White

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    Dehua in Fujian has been a famous porcelain centre since the Song Dynasty. The tradition of fine white porcelain that has a dense, warm white presence still strives today. We call it jade white, for easy reference. Rushi is the workshop which produced this series for us. This 165 ml capacity design is great for use both as an infusion ware and as a cup. Individually hand-painted. Set of two gaiwans. Select from the bamboo motif or the lotus motif, or one each of the two designs.
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    Unity Joy Teapot Set
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    Unity Joy Teapot Set

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    A properly styled teapot not only helps to optimize your tea quality, but also allows you to maintain proper etiquette in pouring. This maybe a most affordable tea set solution for the requirement while delivering a stylistic aura of its own. Choice of two surface decoration styles.
    USD 77.80USD 77.80
    USD 77.80USD 77.80 Quickview