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    Minnan oolong: Tieguanyin Traditional
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    Tieguanyin Traditional

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    Original Tieguanyin Cultivar

    To old time aficionados, tieguanyin is not just about floral aroma. They seek yun-wei, which can be roughly translated as “lingering taste of various tones and accents”. For the right yun-wei, we went to the origin of tieguanyin for a fourth generation farm high in altitude. Tea Hong’s Tieguanyin Traditional is produced from a particular patch where only matured shrubs of the thorough-breed cultivar grow and are harvested only once year. This is to ensure maximum amount of taste and salutary substances are stored in the young leaves for subsequent mastery processing for the wonderful lingering taste of various tones and accents. Like a fine old style tieguanyin should be.
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    Net weight: 100 g (3.5 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 27.00 USD 21.60
    USD 27.00 USD 21.60 Quickview