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    Green tea: Taiping Houkui Traditional
    USD 25.70

    Taiping Houkui Traditional, green tea of shidaye cultivar

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    Small batch charcoal baked

    For those more demanding connoisseurs who want to enjoy the beautiful and unique appearance of Taiping Houkui, this supreme traditional quality delivers the most enjoyable taste profile of this variety. Produced from a unique cultivar — Shidaye, Houkui is a green tea many times the size of any other. It is also different in taste. Much lighter in astringency and not bitter at all, yet substantially velvety in tactility, when infused properly. Tea Hong's Taiping Houkui Traditional is masterfully hand processed from only the best first flush in the origin and optimally baked to manifest the tea's  complex lightness and floral characters using a wood-charcoal made by the tea master himself. «Read more»  Delta classInfusion colorTCM Cold Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in wide Kraft-alu pack
    USD 25.70
    USD 25.70