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    Original style deep oxidation Oriental Beauty oolong tea
    USD 24.80

    Oriental Beauty, deep oxidation Taiwan oolong

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    Dongfang Meiren

    To experience why this unique Taiwan white tip oolong was nicknamed Oriental Beauty by Queen Elizabeth II, you have to taste the real thing. It is perhaps the most demanding tea to process well. Harvested only once a year in summer and after the young leaves are bitten by a kind of tiny leafhopper, genuine Dongfang Meiren can attain its special taste profile only after following the oolong processing routine modified especially for this tea. Tea Hong’s Phong-hong tè — the original name of Oriental Beauty — is a prime selection from the origin in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Taichi classMaple syrupTCM: Neutral EnergyTea Master's Choice Net weight: 50 g ( 1.8 oz ) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 24.80
    USD 24.80