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  • Bulang Peacock 2018, Aged Pu’er shengcha: a loosened chip and infusion colour
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    Bulang Peacock 2018, aged Pu’er shengcha

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    A Xishuangbanna classic

    Some believe that tea originated in an area bordering Yunnan, Laos and Myanmar. Bulang Mountain lies in the middle of that within the province of Yunnan on the southern tip of an area called Xishuangbanna. Shengcha from this area is rich with flavours and not overtly strong. We have picked a good value production as an optional entry point for exploring this category of tea. Southern Yunnan is also home to the peacock, the beautiful bird that the indigenous tribes love as a symbol of grace and peace. A good tea is exactly that. Connoisseur classInfusion colour: GoldTCM Cool EnergyGreat value! Net weight per discus: 357 g (12.6 oz) Please choose if you'd like a single discus or the whole stack:
    USD 39.00USD 238.00
    USD 39.00USD 238.00