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    Yixing teapot: Diamond by Shen Jian Kang — front
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    Shen Jian Kang: Diamond

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    Artist: Shen Jian Kang, National Senior Master Industrial Artist Pot style: Yuan Zhu ( round bead ) Material: Dicao-qing Zisha with Duan-ni kernels Capacity: 310 ml Customised certificate with signature and seal stamp 沈建康 國家高級工藝美術師 壺型:圓珠(另稱一粒珠) 材料:底槽清紫泥加段泥砂粒 底款:沈建康印 藝人自家證書付簽名蓋章
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  • Yixing teapot by Chen Shun Pei
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    Chen Shun Pei: Panhu

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    Artist: Chen Shun Pei ( aka Chen Xiao Pei ), National Senior Master Industrial Artist Pot style: Panhu Material: Original Zisha Capacity: 280 ml Artist signed printed generic certificate 陳順培 (藝名 陳小培)國家高級工藝美術師 潘壺 原礦紫砂 底款:陳順培 彩色印刷證書付簽名
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