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  • Red Jade, Taiwan black tea of the TTES#18 cultivar
    USD 24.80

    Red Jade, Taiwan TTES#18 black tea

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    Fragrance of Taiwan:

    Deep in the mountains away from the tourist infested Sun Moon Lake, small tea bushes tidily populate small patches of land between tall pines, wild trees and steep slopes. A cross between Burma and a native wild tea, this Hong Yu cultivar, born right here in Yu Chi in 1999, shines with a vibrant deep green. It dominates the ambience with a smell that is both fresh and spicy. Farmers here still process black tea in small batches in the old fashioned way, though with the aid of a few new technologies for monitoring. Red Jade — the Fragrance of Taiwan — has to be so processed to that distinctive floral yet spicy aroma, minty and complex taste on a smooth body to be worthy of name. Taichi classInfusion colour: wolfberryTCM: Neutral-warm EnergyTea Master's Choice Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 24.80
    USD 24.80
  • Wild Tree Black Tea 2016
    USD 17.90

    Wild Tree Black Tea, processed in the gongfu tradition

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    Deserted Old Farm:

    Wild Tree Black Tea is Tea Hong’s very own product developed from the old tea bushes in a deserted farm we discovered for creating its smooth and pleasant taste profile. It offers a delicate floral character without being astringent; tastefulness while sweet. This is possible only by masterfully processing the first flush of this secret tea bush that we grow on the hills on the northern tip of Fujian, from which tribunal teas had once been the most prized for centuries. Connoisseur classInfusion colorTCM NeutralStaff pick Net weight: 60 g (2.1 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 17.90
    USD 17.90