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  • Happiness Gaiwan
    USD 37.00

    Happiness Gaiwan

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    A small gaiwan for the serious drinker

    One issue with smaller gaiwans made from porcelain is the balance of weight while infusing and handling. The lightness in a small volume also means easier heat loss. The use of stoneware alleviate both issues. The brim is made thin, even and firm for easy control when decanting, while the body wall gradually thickens towards the centre for good heat retention. The glass like celadon overglaze makes the vessel as good as porcelain, only with the advantages of a more substantial body. The "Happiness" gaiwan is one of two hand scripted smaller size selections we have picked from Dehua. The two characters for the term "xi le" — happiness — are handwritten separately on the inside and the outside of the gaiwan body. The name of this style of calligraphic script is "Xing Shu" or "Hsing Shu" dependent on which translation system. Or it can be called a semi-cursive script. In dynastic era, it was a non-formal script style used for daily communication but not for formal documents.
    USD 37.00
    USD 37.00