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    Neo yellow tea Mo Gan Yellow Snails
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    Mo Gan Yellow Snails, yellow tea

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    Revitalising an old yellow tea

    Tea Hong’s Mo Gan Yellow Snails is a break away from the old Mo Gan Yellow Tip. We have greatly modified traditional yellowing to give the tea a distinctive yellow look and a taste that is different from both green tea and old style yellow tea. A neo-yellow. Unlike other tea categories, old style yellow tea has not prospered in all these decades since tea’s revival after the destructive Mao era. Its taste needs a lot more to create followers. Similarly from the mountain of Mo Gan in the region of Zhejiang, Tea Hong’s Mo Gan Yellow Snails has departed from the dull colours of the old to maintain a brisk freshness in the look and taste, while achieving a characteristic “cooked” warmth and sweetness that is the real spirit of yellow tea. Now that is a good individualistic character to have a place in any tea repertoire. icon-taichiCanaryTCM Neutral-cool Energy TaichiStaff Pick icon Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 27.80
    USD 27.80