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    Orchid Literati 2014
    USD 35.90

    Orchid Literati, Phoenix dancong oolong

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    Caolan Dancong — Duck Poo Tea

    As a person continues to discover tea, sometimes finding one with subtle and yet complex fineness seems a lot more exciting than one with strong impressions. That is how we feel when we got hold of this. The locals aptly name it “Cao-lan” (Cymbidium goeringii), the rare orchid which ancient Chinese literati had revered for millenniums for its understated beauty and fragrance*. The long, sweet yet subtle taste and aftertaste of this tea echos the sentiments for the civilized persistence for humanity virtues of the classic eras. If you enjoy our Eight Immortals, Orchid Literati will take you to another level. Trinity classinfusion color: goldTCM character: coolStaff pickTea Master's choice Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
    USD 35.90
    USD 35.90