Ash-glaze Yixing Shooters

Ash-glaze Yixing Shooters

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If porcelain seems too light in your hand, perhaps these Yixing teabowls would give the weight your infusion should feel. Whereas most chinaware are faithful in carrying the infusion, these cups enhances smoothness and accents. Do the same for warm sake and other rice wines.

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Ash Glaze Zisha Small Teabowls x2

Capacity: 70ml
Material: Ash glaze Yixing zisha
Origin: Yixing, Jiangsu, China
Packing: Recycled paper cushion in kraft carton
Content: 2 cups
This is a handmade item. Slight variations in color, pattern, shape and details from the particular one used in these pictures should be expected.

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Weight 305 g


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